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Ansible Freifunk Bremen

In this repository are playbooks for deploying services on Freifunk Bremen machines.


With PyPI:

virtualenv pythonenv
source pythonenv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Or as Debian/Ubuntu packages:

apt-get install python-dnspython ca-certificates


  • services: Generic service host for Freifunk Bremen community.
  • vpnserver: vpnserver sets up a Freifunk Bremen gateway.


Community related variables are defined in site/site.conf and group_vars/all.yml. This variables are used by the ansible-tasks.

pgp_keyserver:        ''
site_git_root:        ''
site_city:            'bremen'
site_domain:          ''
site_vpn_prefix:      'vpn'
icvpn_as:             65196
fastd_peers_limit:    150

Other communities need to modify this variables.


The hosts-file defines all machines where our services are deployed on as well as community related variables. For other communities the variables are to be changed. Variables:

ipv6_local_network  = "fd75:3707:b8c2::/64",
icvpn_ipv4_network  = "",
icvpn_ipv6_network  = "fec0::a:cf:0:c4/96",



with exit_ipv4=gre and ansible_ssh_port=* (both optional).

Gateway Playbook

Playbook vpnserver sets up a Freifunk Bremen gateway. When executed additional variabels need to be defined. For example to set up a Freifunk gateway on vpn05 the following command is used:

ansible-playbook playbooks/vpnserver.yml -e "exit_ipv6_remote=*"

For detailed information about the roles see inside of the role.


After setting up a vpnserver you have to do something by hand.

Create DNS-Entries

In Bremen you need a VPN-Entry and NTP-Entry.

Add fastd-public-key to site.confg

You got your key from running

fastd --show-key -c /etc/fastd/{{site_code}}/fastd.conf

Then add it to your site.conf - From Bremen you found it here

Do not forget to add NTP-Server either.

Add vpn to icvpn

Publish your tinc Public-key to IC-VPN. Your found your one /etc/tinc/icvpn/hosts/{{site_city}}{{id}}. So other IC-VPN-Servers could create a vpn-Connection to your VPN.

Add vpn to icvpn-meta

Add your new VPN to the IC-VPN-Meta to get the bgp routing active on other Host from other communitys.

Add bgp internal routing

Ask to other VPN-Owner to run ansible again. On this way the other vpns got the new internal routing in bird and bird6. See here