a manager for gluon nodes (e.g. on a event) https://github.com/FreifunkBremen/freifunkmanager
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# Database connection type (note: only "sqlite3" is supported at the moment)
db_type = "sqlite3"
# Database connection settings; see https://gorm.io/docs/connecting_to_the_database.html#Supported-Databases for details
db_connection = "/tmp/freifunkmanager.db"
# Address and port where HTTP server shall listen
webserver_bind = ":8080"
# Root directory to serve via HTTP
webroot = "./webroot/"
# Password required for making changes in the web interface
secret = "passw0rd"
# How long should a node remain on the blacklist after it has not responded to an SSH connection
# (nodes are blacklisted if they have sent updated respondd data but are not reachable by SSH)
blacklist_for = "1w"
# SSH key for logging in on nodes
ssh_key = "~/.ssh/id_rsa"
# Only IP addresses starting with this prefix are used for SSH connection
ssh_ipaddress_prefix = "fd2f:"
# Timeout for SSH connections
ssh_timeout = "1m"
# If true, built-in Yanic instance will be used to request and collect respondd data from nodes
yanic_enable = true
# If set, Yanic startup will be delayed until the next full minute (or hour or whatever is configured here)
# yanic_synchronize = "1m"
# How often shall Yanic send respondd requests
yanic_collect_interval = "10s"
# More settings for the built-in Yanic instance
# Interface on which Yanic will send out respondd requests
ifname = "wlp4s0"
# e.g. to receive data of real yanic
# - please also disable `yanic_collect_interval`
# ifname = "lo"
# If set, Yanic will listen for response packets on this address only.
# ip_address = "::1"
# multicast address where respondd requests shall be sent. Default: ff05::2:1001
# multicast_address = "ff05::2:1001"
# If true, Yanic will not send own respondd request packets but will still listen for response packets
# send_no_request = true
# Local UDP port where Yanic will listen for response packets. Default: a dynamically selected port
# (note: request packets to nodes will always be sent to port 1001, regardless of this setting)
# port = 1001
# nodes will pinged periodically
# if true, nodes will pinged periodically. default: false
enable = true
every = "1s"
timeout = "1s"
count = 1