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  genofire a6f61f9d3e
[BUGFIX] respondd module encoding 10 months ago
  genofire 5eb75ff9bb
[DOC] improve raw-output 10 months ago
  nrbffs 39e8f37eaa docs: add custom fields 1 year ago
  nrbffs 9a70560cfb raw output: add custom fields 1 year ago
  nrbffs 70cdb53b49 meshviewer-ffrgb output: add custom fields 1 year ago
  nrbffs 1a1163aaa1 add support for custom fields 1 year ago
  nrbffs ab798f0dd6 refactor: make complete respondd config available during collecting 1 year ago
  genofire edfb403884
[DOC] misspell 1 year ago
  genofire f3da33b15a
[BUGFIX] package name in output raw 1 year ago
  genofire f58ad00fec
[TEST] add output raw 1 year ago
  nrbffs 6d310614ca [TASK] add output raw (#169) 1 year ago
  Martin/Geno be48b27470
[DOC] update install 1 year ago
  genofire c1188378c4
[DOC] update go version 1 year ago
  Martin/Geno 99eb11f2ef
[TASK] improve neighbours stats (+ babel support) 1 year ago
  Martin/Geno 6e745bf78f
[TEST] improve runtime 1 year ago
  Martin/Geno ccdeccd48f
[TEST] improve gitlab-ci 1 year ago
  Martin/Geno 160364d97b
update dep 1 year ago
  Martin/Geno a466ada109
[DOCS] improve geojson 1 year ago
  krombel 80d42433d8 [TASK] Add output for geojson nodes only 1 year ago
  Martin/Geno 31267858a6
[TASK] change default listing address to ff05::2:1001 1 year ago
  lrnzo 99443cb144 [DOC] fix typo in config example 1 year ago
  Martin/Geno 94267cf6dd
not export logging stdout / stderr hook 1 year ago
  Martin/Geno 3ef2d1ece9
[TEST] fix testdata of meshviewer-ffrgb (fixes #160) 1 year ago
  Martin/Geno bd13b99378
[TASK] rename NodeInfo to Nodeinfo (same naming overall) 1 year ago
  Martin/Geno 27fde7cd8c [TASK] improve logging 1 year ago
  Martin/Geno abae92bb5a
[TASK] update influxdb-client 1 year ago
  Martin/Geno f5d0067eff [BUGFIX] meshviewer-ffrgb export empty array 1 year ago
  Martin/Geno 6579d52bac [BUGFIX] show NaN on link (fix #149) 2 years ago
  Martin/Geno eddd556ec1
[TASK] cleanup meshviewer-ffrgb, drop vpn field 1 year ago
  Martin/Geno 4031d82047
[BUGFIX] fix logging database 2 years ago
  Martin/Geno 7b4e3ce221 [TASK] meshviewer-ffrgb: drop site for domain 2 years ago
  Martin/Geno d14d3386c7
[TASK] add support for gitlab 2 years ago
  skorpy 4551923d46 [BUGFIX] use available memory for usage estimation 2 years ago
  Ruben Barkow 6815f3b1db Readme: alfred-announce was renamed to mesh-announce 2 years ago
  Martin/Geno b8792a2691
[BUGFIX] send_no_request 2 years ago
  Martin/Geno cf8aeeeb78 Merge branch 'influxdb-selfsign' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Martin/Geno 9c886d497e
[TASK] allow self-signed certification in influxdb 2 years ago
  Martin/Geno 71c3e5ffe4
[DOC] fix sites 2 years ago
  Martin/Geno 272a034234
add fastd public key to nodeinfo response 2 years ago
  Martin/Geno 2697d4c228
[BUGFIX] airtime noise signed int (fix #143) 2 years ago
  Julian Kornberger 9fb98cfb33 Trash Travis-CI 2 years ago
  Martin/Geno cb6d388138
[BUGFIX] influxdb could not handle unsign int - /proc/stats (fix #140) 2 years ago
  Martin/Geno c95ae7e12a
[TASK] add procstat 2 years ago
  Julian Kornberger a05943bf0d Refactor testfiles script 2 years ago
  Julian Kornberger bd398847ba Ignore vendor/ for CI 2 years ago
  Julian Kornberger f74e045273 Add Go Dep 2 years ago
  Martin/Geno 7e97b691eb [TASK] improve autoselect ip_address (#137) 2 years ago
  Julian Kornberger 10f58a72ea Add DHCP statistics 2 years ago
  Martin/Geno 8512afbe6b
add drone 2 years ago
  Martin/Geno 4e7e2bad46
[TASK] do not send multicast request (#121) 2 years ago