Commit f9fa64a4 authored by Finn's avatar Finn

added gitattributes so that the windows double line feed doesn't caus diffs all the time

parent b3f3815b
* text=auto
vers.;v4.22;Abort Procedure;;3;;;;;
vers.;v4.23;Abort Procedure;;3;;;;;
0:00;MCC;BEGIN SEQUENCE: Defueling Rocket;Defueling;3;;;;;
0:00;MCC;Inform OPS of Launch Abort;;3;;;;;
0:00;EGSE;Confirm all valve switches are in OFF position (Except OxDV & HPDV);;3;;;;;
vers.;v4.22;Launch Procedure;;0;MRL;MCC;RdHill;Time per step;
vers.;v4.23;Launch Procedure;;0;MRL;MCC;RdHill;Time per step;
147:20;MCC;BEGIN SEQUENCE: Power on EGSE;Power on EGSE;1;;;;;
147:20;WIND;Start wind weighting analysis;;1;;;;;
147:20;EGSE;Check CLD connection;;1;;;;;
vers.;v4.22;Passivation out of sequence Procedure;;2;;;;;
vers.;v4.23;Passivation out of sequence Procedure;;2;;;;;
0:00;MCC;BEGIN SEQUENCE: Prepare Passivation Sequence;Prepare Passivation;2;;;;;
0:00;MCC/MRL;Recall and make sure BOTH N2O Bottles & He Bottle 2 are still closed! Else continue with Abort Procedure;;2;;;;;
0:00;MCC;Inform OPS of Passivation out of sequence;;2;;;;;
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