Commits (2)
vers.;v4.29;Abort Procedure;;3;mrl;mcc;rdh;time
vers.;v4.31;Abort Procedure;;3;mrl;mcc;rdh;time
0:00;MCC;BEGIN SEQUENCE: Prepare Launch Abort;Prepare Launch Abort;3;;;;
0:00;MCC;Inform OPS of Launch Abort;;3;;;;
0:00;EGSE;Confirm all valve switches are in OFF position (Except OxDV & HPDV);;3;;;;
vers.;v4.29;Launch Procedure;;0;MRL;MCC;RdHill;Time per step
vers.;v4.31;Launch Procedure;;0;MRL;MCC;RdHill;Time per step
147:20;MCC;BEGIN SEQUENCE: Power on EGSE;Power on EGSE;1;;;;
147:20;WIND;Start wind weighting analysis;;1;;;;
147:20;EGSE;Check CLD connection;;1;;;;
......@@ -27,8 +27,8 @@ vers.;v4.29;Launch Procedure;;0;MRL;MCC;RdHill;Time per step
0:00;EGSE @MRL;Remove OBC2_BAT GROUND Bridge (4R);;1;;;;
0:00;EGSE @MRL;Remove PAYLOAD1 GROUND Bridge (5R);;1;;;;
0:00;EGSE @MRL;Remove RECOVERY_BAT GROUND Bridge (7R);;1;;;;
140:50;EGSE;Turn ON EGSE EPS_BAT;;1;;;;
140:50;EGSE;Turn ON EGSE EXT_24V;;1;;;;
140:50;EGSE;Turn ON EPS_BAT;;1;;;;
140:50;EGSE;Turn ON EPS_EXT_24V;;1;;;;
0:00;EGSE @MRL;Insert EXT_24V Bridge (1L);;1;;;;
0:00;EGSE @MRL;Confirm EXT_24V LED is ON;;1;;;;
0:00;EGSE @MRL;Insert MAIN_BUS Bridge (2L);;1;;;;
......@@ -234,6 +234,10 @@ vers.;v4.29;Launch Procedure;;0;MRL;MCC;RdHill;Time per step
0:00;EGSE;Check EGSE Currents;;1;;;;00:10
125:30;PYL;Confirm CanSat is running;;3;;;;00:20
125:30;PYL;Confirm BlackBox2 is running;;3;;;;
125:30;EGSE;Turn OFF EPS_EXT_24V;;3;;;;
125:30;PYL;Confirm CanSat is running;;3;;;;00:20
125:30;PYL;Confirm BlackBox2 is running;;3;;;;
125:30;EGSE;Turn ON EPS_EXT_24V;;3;;;;
0:00;OBDH;Disconnect from sbRio;;1;;;;
99:20;EGSE;Turn ON EPS_BAT (Rocket OFF);;2;;;;01:00
99:20;MRL;BEGIN SEQUENCE: Prime Rocket;Prime Rocket;2;;;;
......@@ -369,7 +373,7 @@ vers.;v4.29;Launch Procedure;;0;MRL;MCC;RdHill;Time per step
8:15;AVC;Start Video recording in Block House;;3;;;;
8:15;EGSE;Verify He Bottle 2 Temperature @HPT2 & @HPWT2 (turn ON/OFF He_Heater if necessary) ;;3;;;;00:10
8:15;MCC;BEGIN SEQUENCE: Switching to Internal Power Sequence;Switch to Internal Power;3;;;;
8:15;EGSE;Turn OFF EPS_Ext (Switch to internal Power);;3;;;;00:20
8:15;EGSE;Turn OFF EPS_EXT_24V (Switch to internal Power);;3;;;;00:20
7:55;OBDH;Confirm EPS Voltages are within limits;;3;;;;00:10
7:45;OBDH;Confirm RF451 Transmitting;;3;;;;00:05
7:40;OBDH/ TMTC;Confirm RF451-Link;;3;;;;00:20
vers.;v4.29;Passivation out of sequence Procedure;;2;mrl;mcc;rdh;time
vers.;v4.31;Passivation out of sequence Procedure;;2;mrl;mcc;rdh;time
0:00;MCC;BEGIN SEQUENCE: Prepare Passivation;Prepare Passivation;2;;;;
0:00;MCC/MRL;Recall and make sure BOTH N2O Bottles & He Bottle 2 are still closed! Else continue with Abort Procedure;;2;;;;
0:00;MCC;Inform OPS of Passivation out of sequence;;2;;;;