a little golang library with often reused utils packages
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genofire 843a985be7 web: gofmt 3 weeks ago
api/status docs: packages 10 months ago
auth web/auth: middleware respone with 404 10 months ago
file test(web/file/fs): check Size on fileinfo 11 months ago
metrics docs: packages 10 months ago
webtest web/webtest: make Logger configurable 9 months ago
ws migrate to zap logging - fast 9 months ago
error.go web: error as errors 11 months ago
main.go web: gofmt 3 weeks ago
main_test.go fix zap.Logger in webtest 9 months ago
module.go web: gofmt 3 weeks ago
request.go first try to setup file upload 11 months ago
request_test.go fix(web): test for json request 10 months ago
response.go document web.ContentType* and web.APIError* 11 months ago
session.go web: small fixes - mainly in docs 12 months ago