Verified Commit 1fa45505 authored by genofire's avatar genofire


parent 18f7f515
EJABBERDCTL="sudo -u jabber ejabberdctl"
echo $($EJABBERDCTL muc_online_rooms global | wc -l)
echo $($EJABBERDCTL connected_users_number)
echo $($EJABBERDCTL incoming_s2s_number)
echo $($EJABBERDCTL outgoing_s2s_number)
for DOMAIN in $($EJABBERDCTL registered_vhosts); do
echo $DOMAIN
echo $($EJABBERDCTL registered_users $DOMAIN | wc -l)
echo $($EJABBERDCTL connected_users_vhost $DOMAIN | wc -l);
echo $($EJABBERDCTL muc_online_rooms $DOMAIN | wc -l)
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