A pastebin clone
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This repository contains the source code to a pastebin clone. It was made after concerns with pastebin.com taking down certain kinds of content. SMR aims to be small, fast, and secure. It is built on top of Kore, using luajit to expose a Lua programming environment. It uses sqlite3 as it's database. SMR is implemented in just over 2k SLOC and is expected to never exceed 5k SLOC. Contributions welcome.


  • Accounts (complete)
  • Comments (complete)
  • Tags (complete)
  • Search (complete)
  • Author biographies
  • Archive

TODO's: Currently, people can post comments to unlisted stories even if they don't have the correct link.


If you want to contribute to this repository:

  1. Install the kore webserver(Documentation -> installation)
  2. Use a kodev create smr to create a blank kore application
  3. Install Lua and Luarocks from your package manager
  4. Use Luarocks to install the following dependencies (luarocks install <package>)
  • etlua - Lua templating, comparable to Jinja for Python
  • lpeg - Parsing Expression Grammers, used to build text parsers
  • lsqlite3 - Sqlite3 for Lua, a lightweight database
  • lua-zlib - Data compression
  1. You may need to modify conf/build.conf, I use Lua 5.1 on my development machine, but everything should still work with later versions.
  2. Install spp
  3. Clone this repository into the smr folder, cd into the root, and run make!
  • You may need to modify the configuration in the Makefile, add test.monster to your /etc/hosts, modify command invocation, ect.

Misc notes.

SMR requires a slightly modified version of Kore to run. See my kore patches for the changes I needed to make to get the JIT compiler playing nice with Kore's seccomp restrictions. There are a few other changes, like modified kore to accept any text as input for things like file upload.

UPDATE (12/18/2020)

Kore 4.0 no longer needs the seccomp changes, as those have been exposed to library users, and smr has been updated appropriately. It still needs the allow-multiline-input patch though.