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Crest 6778af942f Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// 3 months ago
group_vars Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// 8 months ago
host_vars Forward and to wiki 8 months ago
hosts jabber + wiki virtual machines 9 months ago
library Call subversion without disabling the fucking certificate validation 10 months ago
roles roles/nextcloud: update to new configuration 3 months ago
.gitignore Ignore vim swp files 1 year ago
.gitmodules move ansible-role-gitea to fork 1 year ago
LICENSE Initial commit 1 year ago Initial commit 1 year ago
ansible.cfg Work around ansible limitations (missing NFSv4 ACL support) 9 months ago
bhyve.yml Install passlib on the ansible controller 3 months ago
debian.yml roles/user_mgmt: for add/delete users and ssh_keys 1 year ago
dns.yml Add dns playbook 1 year ago
gitea.yml gitea: add logo 1 year ago
haproxy.yml Add HAProxy role. Fixes #4 1 year ago
mail.yml Install passlib for Python 3.8 on the ansible controller 3 months ago
nextcloud.yml playbook: Add nextcloud 1 year ago
ntp.yml Install OpenNTPD on mail servers 1 year ago
restic.yml Perform daily backups. Close #22 9 months ago
s6.yml Make use of all those nice roles 1 year ago
site.yml Add wiki playbook 9 months ago
wiki.yml New certbot role covering standalone and webroot setups 9 months ago


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