105 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
genofire 2aee702fc6 database: migration in transaction 3 weeks ago
genofire 843a985be7 web: gofmt 3 weeks ago
genofire 2937b93dff web: NotFound route to root + support own http.FileSystem 8 months ago
genofire 023df961c2 fix(test(mailer)): after move to zap 9 months ago
genofire 980510a995 web/webtest: make Logger configurable 9 months ago
genofire 694ca30e0d fix zap.Logger in webtest 9 months ago
genofire 36c185100b migrate to zap logging - fast 9 months ago
genofire 3fd1eac4d8 web/webtest: fix close testserver without mailer 9 months ago
genofire b3f53011f2 web/webtest: setup database only on request 9 months ago
genofire 1e1571a2c3 web/webtest: setup mailserver only on request 9 months ago
genofire 009126c253 database: fix migration of testdata - or not 10 months ago
Geno 87131021f8 ci: debian has python3 as default 10 months ago
Geno dd176e24b2 update depends 10 months ago
Geno 9b2fe62df5 web/auth: middleware respone with 404 10 months ago
Geno ea2ffbc424 docs: packages 10 months ago
Geno e18eddfdda docs(web/auth): PasswordHashCost 10 months ago
Geno 2fcb2d7cb4 docs(web/webtest) 10 months ago
Geno 4758997040 fix(ci): golang v1.17 10 months ago
Geno d86db21705 fix(web): test for json request 10 months ago
Geno 492a959d84 web/webtest: Make TestServer public 10 months ago
Geno 9e1187a161 database: toml ignore DB 10 months ago
Martin 3e90199d98
test(web/file/fs): check Size on fileinfo 11 months ago
Martin 81bfb1154d
test(web/file): for CreateFS 11 months ago
Lennart 6db99dd2bb
replace web/file by web/file2 11 months ago
Lennart b8acc5f8af
web/file2: add createfs.go 11 months ago
Lennart 967b32fa31
web/file2: test StoreFromHTTP 11 months ago
Lennart b5a323aeb4
add web/file2 11 months ago
Geno 32f0d84427 web: error as errors 11 months ago
Geno 9542ac4272 web/file/s3: handling 11 months ago
Geno 671e0ac28a web/auth: make hash cost for password configurable - faster testing 11 months ago
Geno 689bb03277 first try to setup file upload 11 months ago
Lennart 281d10aba3 document web.ContentType* and web.APIError* 11 months ago
Geno fb766ca32b web: small fixes - mainly in docs 12 months ago
Lennart b10fc5b588 provide^Wupdate docs of package web 12 months ago
Geno 6af94245b6 web: move global module register to service 12 months ago
Geno ffd77c3aab web: response by content-type 12 months ago
Geno 7923008c9f use fork of gormigrate - Rollback with check of migration table 12 months ago
Geno 07218da3f6 web/webtest: options to make it more configurable 12 months ago
Geno 6fb3b904df remigration and rollback all 12 months ago
Geno d888e27790 web/auth: delete my user 1 year ago
Geno cc0baa3740 docs(swagger): add tags for groups 1 year ago
Geno d38a2a28c3 webtest: without assert 1 year ago
Geno 48b828b029 webtest: improve error 1 year ago
Geno 979f5fef7d add support of Mailtesting in web/webtest 1 year ago
Geno 8c87415917 test(mailer): templates 1 year ago
Geno 2502a3bf67 test(mailer): improve - send and fetch mail 1 year ago
Geno 0e411ba5e2 test(web): on ci 1 year ago
Geno 72fa8a8113 test(mailer): improve 1 year ago
Geno 87ebc96f80 test(web): improve 1 year ago
Geno 84fc14679b test(web/auth): improve password 1 year ago