40 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
genofire 612d577b21 fix validation of notifcation by sender/from address 1 year ago
karmanyaahm 8eb9ba32b5 Add a not condition to an if statement 1 year ago
genofire 4b06d6886a Merge pull request 'also use xmpp JID as part of settings persistence' (#17) from karmanyaahm/unified-push-xmpp:smth into main 1 year ago
Karmanyaah Malhotra 656c3237dd add other part of conn.Settings check 1 year ago
Karmanyaah Malhotra 5e0ec90bf4 also use xmpp JID as part of settings persistence 1 year ago
genofire 6d154bfdb1 distributor: fix - dropreplace in go.mod 1 year ago
genofire db0b61ab46 distributor: register again, if gateway changed (configurable) 1 year ago
genofire 9c4919007a distributor: use storage always and keep gateway in storage connection settings 1 year ago
Geno fb190d634b depends: update mellium.im/xmpp to main 1 year ago
Geno 2b8b76d254 ci: add test and woodpicker/droneCI support 1 year ago
genofire 498cf67f14 distributor: fix register if storage was successful 1 year ago
Geno bca172eff1 distributor: fix config toml storage_path 1 year ago
Geno 929ed83c28 distributor: improve storage handling after fixes 1 year ago
Geno 057f8045ed docs: fix typos 1 year ago
Geno 42e8289f2f distributor: timeout for XMPP connection setup from 1s to 10s 1 year ago
Geno 47b46549ee distributor: timeout XMPP requests 1 year ago
Geno 889563b8b2 distributor: make loglevel configurable 1 year ago
Geno caf4ccb205 distributor: drop gateway on default config 1 year ago
Geno e2562c93c2 distributor: use service discovery to check gateway (and fallback to demo) 1 year ago
Geno 63aa921252 distributor: check server for msgoffline support XEP-0160 1 year ago
Geno 29cf678106 gateway: add disco feature and identity 1 year ago
Geno f21db8eaa8 distributor: generate example config file if not exists 1 year ago
Geno 86241538cf docs: gateway 1 year ago
Geno 33b1c21c4e docs: token definition 1 year ago
Geno 8fda0be59c distributor: storage and file handling 1 year ago
Geno f24a76a62e gateway: fix test and depends 1 year ago
Geno 4a88e1d4a7 docs: first readme message 1 year ago
Geno 05eaff3e20 distributor: improve logging 1 year ago
Geno 52fa083eae gateway: improve logging to be more privat 1 year ago
Geno 748e4ca5d7 be sure TokenReadClosed always closed 1 year ago
karmanyaahm 7647fc1631 fix deadlock on distributor register (#7) 1 year ago
Geno 88c59ac00b implement JWT for anti spam 1 year ago
Geno 531c267473 alpha 1 year ago
Geno be6e6c4154 xmpp works with components (distribute Encoding hangs) - dirty without Webserver, and nice tokens 1 year ago
Geno 950a147042 xmpp works - sadly with new generated ressource on gateway (we need an component) 1 year ago
Geno 7057859bfe planed xmpp messages 1 year ago
Geno 1eecc83e49 first xmpp tries 1 year ago
Geno ffbc834ada dbus replaced by unifiedpush.org/go/np2p_dbus/distributor 1 year ago
Geno 49e2b06b00 init distributor dbus 1 year ago
Geno f7ccd08b2e init 1 year ago