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UnifiedPush over XMPP - gateway

The gateway is an XMPP Component and Webserver.

The Webserver receive notifications from application server by using an JWT-Token as Endpoint Token. The Signature JWT-Token is validated, so that only the Token generated by this gateway could be used (and no spaming over this Gateway is possible). The JWT-Token contains the XMPP-Address of the Distributor, so that this Gateway does not require to store anything. Current the JWT-Token is not encrypted like in [RFC 7516( as an JWE we are working on it. So the XMPP-Address could be readed by Application-Server, Application and Distributor (and could be leaked there - we hope you could trust them till we implement JWE)

The XMPP Component implements XEP-0225 it could be plugged in at every common server (like ejabberd or Prosody) with an Secret and domain name.


How to configure this gateway take a look into the config_example.toml, we prefer it place it under /etc/up-gateway.conf

The Builded gateway binary, we place it under /usr/local/bin/up-gateway.

To get it running, we prefer following systemd.service file under /etc/systemd/system/up-gateway.service:

Description=UnifiedPush gateway

ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/up-gateway -c /etc/up-gateway.conf


And run systemctl enable --now up-gateway.service to startup and start at boot.

Demo Gateway

An Demo gateway is running under Endpoint-Address and under the XMPP-Address (jid of component) Have fun by using it ;)