UnifiedPush over XMPP - a specification - and implementation of Gateway and Distributor https://up.chat.sum7.eu
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UnifiedPush over XMPP

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UnifiedPush is an specification how push notifications delieveries between application server and application. This is an implementation of the UnifiedPush specifications to delievere push notification over XMPP.

In this project has following components:

  • Gateway (also called an Push Provider or Server) which could be registered as an XMPP Component on an Server
  • Distributor for Linux using the D-Bus Specification which implement an very small XMPP-Client to receive the push notifications

XMPP Messages


Request for Register

<iq from="push-distributer@example.org/device" to="up.chat.sum7.eu" type="set" id="register-id">
  <register xmlns='unifiedpush.org'>


on success:

<iq from="push-distributer@example.org/device" to="up.chat.sum7.eu" type="result" id="register-id">
  <register xmlns='unifiedpush.org'>

on failure:

<iq from="push-distributer@example.org/device" to="up.chat.sum7.eu" type="error" id="register-id">
  <register xmlns='unifiedpush.org'>
    <error>a reason of failure</error>




For the push notification it-self the origin <message/> is used with following Position of Token and Content.

<message from="up.chat.sum7.eu" to="push-distributer@example.org/device" id="message-id">
  <body>Here is the Notification content</body>

The message sender from should be validated from distributor, for not receiving invalid or manipulated push Messages.


We are using over the complete system three kind of tokens:

  • Endpoint Token which is part of the Endpoint and is for using between Gateway and Application-Server
  • Public Token which is used between Gateway and Distributor
  • App Token which is used between Distributor and Application